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About globalcarbonbudget.eu

Over the past few years, several studies have been published that challenge the widely held belief that human emissions are the dominant cause of rising CO₂ levels in the atmosphere. Three of them are particularly important:

  • A study from Hermann Harde (2019) indicating that the assumptions to blame human emissions for the CO₂ rise violate fundamental physical principles.
  • A study from Peter Stallinga (2023) shows that the adjustment time (the time to re-equilibrate from a human perturbation) is never longer than the normal residence time of CO₂ in the atmosphere (4 to 5 years).
  • A study from Demes Koutsoyiannis et al. (2023) provided evidence, based on accurately measured data, for a unidirectional, potentially causal link between temperature as the cause and CO₂ as the effect.

On this website + infographic we provide an accessible overview of the most important arguments of these studies, with the conclusion that not human emissions, but the temperature is the most likely cause for the rising CO₂ level.

Globalcarbonbudget.eu is not part or in any way related to the website globalcarbonbudget.org or the Global Carbon Project. The only thing we have in common is that we both inform about the global carbon budget. I encourage you to visit the other websites and educate yourself on the different views on this topic. Then you can decide for yourself which view is correct.

Globalcarbonbudget.eu is an initiative of Frans Schrijver and is based on the work of the Dutch website klimaatfeiten.nl. I do not receive any (government) subsidies or funds from interested parties.

Frans Schrijver

The information about the global carbon budget can also be found in this infographic.

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